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Friday, June 29, 2012

Readying Yourself for Magick: Connecting to the Divine

A connection to deity is essential to the full practice of magick. This is not to say that one has to follow any particular religion. Any religion or spiritual path can offer a wondrous connection to the divine. However, this connection must be of a personal nature in order for it to benefit magickal practice.

A personal relationship to the divine is one where either you have chosen a particular deity, or that deity has chosen you. Most people have an easier time establishing this connection if they visualize the deity in human form, complete with a name, history, and bursting personality.

How is the Divine Visualized?

No two people share the exact same worldview. This means that no two people see the divine in exactly the same manner, though there are usually similarities between people who share a similar religious background. Often, personal views of the divine change over time. There are many ways in which the divine is visualized today.
  • Imaginary beings created by ancient peoples as a way of coping with and explaining the unknown in the natural world.
  • Beings that started as imaginary, but because of the energy directed toward them by worshippers, have now become real and taken on a life of their own.
  • Beings that existed prior to any humans, and are supernatural and immortal in nature.
  • Aspects of the original deity who created the universe.
  • Aspects of the psyche of the individual, and not external at all.
  • Human beings who were so influential in their time and culture that they became deified after death.
  • Imaginary beings created by the priestly class as a way of controlling the masses.
  • Unknowable entities that fill a psychological need in the human psyche.
  • The unifying force of the universe.
These are only some of the ways in which the divine can be visualized. It is impossible to get into specifics and describe each aspect of the divine, since no two people will see the divine in the same way. For example, not all Christians see God as an elderly gentleman with a flowing white beard. Not all Wiccans see the Goddess in her Triple form – Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

How Can I Connect to the Divine?

The divine is such an all-encompassing idea that it is best if you are able to connect to a more familiar aspect of the divine, such as Isis, Diana, Lugh, or Odin. Choosing an aspect, instead of focusing on a form that is somewhere ‘out there’ and whose nature is uncertain, allows the mind to grasp the idea of the divine with greater ease. This increases the likelihood that you will make a lasting connection to this deity.

Perhaps you already feel the call of a particular deity. If not, feel free to choose a deity from any time or place in history that you feel can help you on your spiritual journey. There are hundreds to choose from, so take your time, do your research, and choose carefully.

Once you have settled on a particular aspect, there are many things that can be done to encourage a connection with this deity. Remember, these are only suggestions. Anything that will enhance your relationship to your chosen god or goddess will suffice.
  • Read a book (or many books) about your chosen deity.
  • Perform online research to learn as much about your deity as possible.
  • Meditate, focusing on your deity and its personality.
  • Use your dreams to further connect with your deity.
  • Find, buy, or make a statue for your deity.
  • Make a painting or collage or your chosen deity.
Building a relationship with a particular deity may happen in an instant, or it may take many years. You may or may not choose to dedicate yourself to your deity, but either way, the personal relationship that is developed with a particular aspect of the divine is powerful and fulfilling.

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