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Friday, July 6, 2012

Readying Yourself for Magick — Dedicating Yourself to a Deity

Dedicating yourself to a deity should not be done lightly. When you commit yourself to a god or goddess, you are embracing all that they are. Most gods and goddesses have more than one aspect. For example, Brigit is a goddess of healing, but she is also a goddess of creativity and smithcraft. She should not be chosen as a patron goddess unless you are willing to embrace her in all her aspects.

How to Dedicate Yourself to a Deity

If you are sure that you would like to dedicate yourself to your chosen deity, then you must create a ceremony to express this desire. This ritual can be short or long, elaborate or simple, but it must come from the heart. This ceremony should be unique to you, but there are some common steps that can be incorporated. A general outline for this type of ritual might be:
  • Prepare your body and mind by meditating, ritual bathing, fasting, or any other activity that will clear your mind and cleanse the body;
  • Dress appropriately, in robes or other ritual garb, or perhaps consider going skyclad;
  • Create an altar specifically for your patron goddess or god, separate from your working altar;
  • Create sacred space by casting a circle;
  • Invite your patron god or goddess to join you in your circle, and introduce yourself;
  • Swear an oath of dedication, explaining how you plan to be of service to your patron;
  • Thank your patron for his or her presence; and
  • Dismiss the circle.
How to Serve Your Patron Deity

Once the ritual is complete and you have dedicated yourself to your patron goddess or god, you may find yourself wondering how you can now fulfill your oath. How can you be of service to your patron? Any action that shows respect and love can be considered a service. Here are a few ideas.
  • Create a permanent shrine or altar for your deity.
  • Write a poem, song, or story about your deity.
  • Invoke your deity during rituals. Perhaps even create an entire ritual simply to honor your patron.
  • Create a unique piece of jewelry that symbolizes your deity, and carry it with you.
  • Teach a class to the public about your deity, sharing his or her knowledge with others.
  • Dance purely for your deity, expressing in dance the personality of your patron.
  • Create clothing that is specific to your deity. Maybe this clothing will become your ritual garb.
  • Create an astral temple for your patron.
  • Go out into the world and do the work of your patron. If he or she is a healer, then heal. If your deity is an artist, then create.
Continue to increase your relationship with your patron goddess or god, for this will strengthen the magick within. Truly exploring the depths of a relationship with the divine can take a lifetime, and choosing to become the disciple of a god or goddess is a personal decision. The closer you are to the divine, the more powerful your magick will be, and the more wisely you will use it.

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