Welcome to the Order of the Sacred Star! This Pagan/Wiccan group, based in Winnipeg, Canada, is committed to teaching the Craft to all those who wish to learn. Our goal is to provide a complete and fulfulling learning experience. Our public classes are offered through the Winnipeg Pagan Teaching Circle.

Courses: Gods

There are many thousands of gods and goddess throughout the world. Each is individual and deserving of study and attention. If you love a particular god or goddess, drop us a line, and we'll create a course just for him or her.


The Egyptian Pantheon (15.1003)
Cost: $10
This course covers the basics of the Egyptian view of the divine. This course is a great compliment to 03.1002, and wonderful for those interested in Egyptian magick.

The Norse Pantheon (15.1004)
Cost: $10
A basic overview of the Norse view of the divine, this course is a great introduction to Norse beliefs. This is a must for anyone studying Asatru or really anything about the Norse people.
Individual Gods & Goddesses

Gaia, Earth Goddess (15.1001)
Cost: $10
This course covers some very specific details of the goddess Gaia, and her connection to the modern Pagan. A useful course for those involved in earth magick. 

Isis (15.1002)
Cost:  $10
This course covers very specific details of the Egyptian goddess Isis, and her relationship to the modern Pagan. A good course for those interested in pursuing Egyptian magick.