Welcome to the Order of the Sacred Star! This Pagan/Wiccan group, based in Winnipeg, Canada, is committed to teaching the Craft to all those who wish to learn. Our goal is to provide a complete and fulfulling learning experience. Our public classes are offered through the Winnipeg Pagan Teaching Circle.

Courses: Cultures

These courses are for those interested in those things with a more historical slant. All materials are provided, unless otherwise indicated.

Ancient Cultures

Ancient Druids & Celts (03.1001)
Cost: $10
This course is designed to introduce the student to the background of the ancient Druids & Celts; their origins, society, beliefs, appearance, and language. They divided society into three groups. The druids, who were learned priests, shamans, and judges; the military artistocracy, who were the power-holders and the heroes; and the free men, who were farmers and owned cattle. Both men and women were thought to be immensely brave in battle.

Ancient Egyptian Culture (03.1002)
Cost: $10
This course introduces the student to the general society of Egypt, the importance of the King, Goddesses and Gods of the ancient Egyptian culture, along with the practices of the priests and priestesses of the temples. It also gives the student a fairly clear time line of the history of the pharaohs, the geography associated with each, and how each pharaoh would incorporate his god into his reign.

Ancient Etruscan Civilization (03.1003)
Cost: $10
This course focuses on the Etruscan civilization, and the course it laid for future Italy; ancient Etruscan gods and goddesses, omens, portends, and prodigies and how they relate to everyday life; also covered are the early Etruscan Kings and the Etruscan language.

Sumerian Culture (03.1004)
Cost: $10
This course introduces the student to ancient Sumerian culture, investigating its origins, and helping the student understand how this noble culture impacts our lives today.

Egyptian Soul (03.2001)
Cost: $10
This course helps to explain the Egyptian idea of the soul. It is an excellent class for those interested in Egyptian magick.

Famous People in History

Nostradamus (27.1001)
Cost: $10
This course is designed to give an introduction to the life and work of one of the most famous people of all time, Nostradamus.