Welcome to the Order of the Sacred Star! This Pagan/Wiccan group, based in Winnipeg, Canada, is committed to teaching the Craft to all those who wish to learn. Our goal is to provide a complete and fulfulling learning experience. Our public classes are offered through the Winnipeg Pagan Teaching Circle.

Courses: Nature Magick

Earth magick covers many different subjects. Here you will find courses on a wide variety of areas, including strones and crystals, elemental magick, earth energies, and harnessing earth powers.

Environmental Studies

Ultimate Pagan Gardening (12.1001)
Cost: $50
Learn how to garden, the Pagan way. This course has two main sections, the first of which explains the science of gardening, such as the classification of plants and their needs. The second part of this course explains actual gardening techniques, and familiarizes the student with the practice of gardening green. Many supplies and seeds will be given here.

Earth Magick

Introduction to Crystal & Gem Magick (13.1001)
Cost: $25
This course will discuss the use of gems, crystals, and ornamental stones for magickal purposes. It covers: the selection of stones and care and maintenance of those used as spiritual tools, the meanings and correspondences of specific stone varieties, stone spellwork, healing, divination, geomancy, and wearing magickal jewellery. This class also introduces mundane advice on gem buying and gem qualities, treatment and values.

Working with Crystals (13.1002)
Cost: $25
Prerequisites: 13.1001
This course is concerned with the specifics of crystals, their properties, and which stones to use when. You will also get a basic, yet intriguing, look at working with crystals. A good course for those wishing to expand their knowledge of crystal work.