Welcome to the Order of the Sacred Star! This Pagan/Wiccan group, based in Winnipeg, Canada, is committed to teaching the Craft to all those who wish to learn. Our goal is to provide a complete and fulfulling learning experience. Our public classes are offered through the Winnipeg Pagan Teaching Circle.

Courses: Pagan Studies

A random assortment of courses for those who like to study a little of everything. Supplies are included unless otherwise indicated.

Animal Studies

Feline Magick (04.1001)
Cost: $10
We will cover various points of how to use Feline Magick in a responsible, yet honourable way. You will learn how to implement your own familiar into spell casting, as well as who were the famous and most revered known cat deities and why even to this day, the feline is so highly respected by Witches.

Introduction to Animal Herbology (04.1002)
Cost: $50
This course helps to outline the different approach that one must use when applying herbal remedies to animal species. This course acknowledges that we will certainly wish to use our herbal knowledge to assist our animal companions, while reminding us that they are different species, and must be treated as such. Various herbs will be given in this class.

The Witches' Familar (04.2001)
Cost: $20
This course explores the concept of the familiar in-depth. Explore the history of the Familiar, as well as the tree types of familiars: physical, astral, and spiritual. You will learn how to call a familiar to you, and how to choose an appropriate name. This class will teach you how to enlist the aid of a familiar in all you do.

Urban Totems (04.2002)
This course is a must for all urban pagans. It helps the student connect with the spirits of nature while in a city, which is where most pagans live today.
Arts & Crafts
Magickal Cooking (07.1001)
Cost: $50
For this course, the student should be familiar with the manipulation of energy, though this is not a requirement. During this class, the student will learn how to prepare foods with a magickal or spiritual purpose in mind. All foods and supplies will be included.

Making Your Own Incense (07.1002)
Cost: $50
Making your own incense is not as hard as you may think. With this course, you will learn how to make your own incense, mostly powdered, but also the cone and stick varieties. This is a very useful class for those who like to make their own supplies. All supplies are included in this course.

Candle Crafting (07.1003)
Cost: $50
The art of candle-crafting goes back to anceint times. In this class, students will learn to make moulded and specialty candles. Dyes and scents will also be used. This is a very useful class for those who like to make their own supplies. All supplies are included in this course.

Make Your Own Soap (07.1004)
Cost: $50
Soap-making is a well respected tradition. Soap bars will be made in this class. Students will learn how to dye, scent, and add vitamins to their own personal soaps. All supplies are included in this course.

Basic Pagan Studies
Magickal Names (09.1001)
Cost: $10
This course is designed to aid the reader in discovering or choosing their magickal name. While this course cannot pick a magickal name for anyone, it can at least help the student decide. Also covered here are magickal names for groups, including covens and temples. Overall, a very useful course.

Pagans & the Law (09.1002)
Cost: $10
This course is designed to make students aware of their rights as Pagans. It will provide you with all the information your attorney will need shall you ever find yourself in trouble because of your beliefs. This course utilizes the book 'Pagans and the Law,' written by Dana Eilers, as a study guide..

The Wiccan Holidays (09.1003)
Cost: $10
This course explores the eight Wiccan holidays. You will learn how to honour these sacred days, which foods are most appropriate for for each season, and the basic stories behind each day. It is recommended that the student explore the holidays in greater depth, as this course is introductory in nature.

Wicca and the Military (09.1004)
Not yet available, as the instructor is serving overseas!

Harry Potter vs. Real Witches (09.1005)
Cost: $10
This course is intended to compare and contrast the magical world of Harry Potter vs. the real-life magickal community, thus examining the relationship between them.

Wicca: An Introduction (09.1006)
Cost: $10
This course is intended for those who are not sure if they are interested in Wicca, but would like to know a little more. Handy for those seeking information.

Candle Magick: Wiccan Perspective (09.1007)
Cost: $25
A basic class on the use of candle magick in Wicca. Topics include: consecrating candles, candle colour meanings, healing with candle magick, superstitions, rituals and spells, and the making of your own candles. Fairly comprehensive.

Basic Spell Writing (09.2001)
Cost: $10
This course will introduce the student to the considerations and methodology of writing his/her own spells. Familiarity with the manipulation of energy is useful, but not required to pass this class.

Mentoring (09.2002)
Cost: $10
In this course, students interested in teaching will be introduced to the finer points of mentoring students.

Solitary Pagan Practice (09.2003)
Cost: $10
A quick course for those who wish to practice solitary, but aren't quite sure how to go about it. Topics include: Honouring the Seasons and Adapting Spells and Rituals

Group Pagan Practice (09.2004)
Cost: $10
An introduction to group practice, this course covers topics such as finding a group, the basic elements of a Pagan group, and group traditions.

Creating a Coven (09.2005)
Cost: $25
This course is designed to aid students who wish to begin their own coven in the future. This course is focused on how to form a group in the first place, relationships within a group, networking, and training and initiation.

Practical Wicca (09.2006)
Cost: $100
This information and training you will receive through this course is nondemoninational. When necessary, you will be presented with several examples from various traditions (Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Saxon, to name a few), for both general and specific information. By the end of this course, you will be the equilivant of a Third Degree in another tradition. Keep in mind, this does not make you a Third Degree Gardnerian, or whatever tradition you're interested in. You will be a Third Degree, nondemoninational, Witch. If you want to be Third Degree in a particular tradition, you'll have to study that tradition. This is a course that takes place over approximatley 15 sessions, spread over 12 - 14 months.