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Friday, June 8, 2012

Readying Yourself for Magick: An Internal Elemental Balance

The practice of magick is a mysterious and complex art. There are many tools and accessories that can be used to enhance its practice, including athames, wands, cauldrons, and ritual robes. However, all of these are useless without the most important tool of magick – you.

The Elements Within

Most people, including most magicians, are elementally imbalanced. There are five elements, and each of these corresponds to a point on the pentagram and certain human qualities. The elements are:
Earth – physical and practical concerns;
  • Air – intellect and imagination;
  • Fire – passion and will;
  • Water – emotion and intuition; and
  • Spirit – relationship with the divine.
If you want to be at your best as a magician, then your own five elements must be balanced within you. Very few people are truly balanced, and if you look at your life, you’ll probably see that you are actually lacking balance.

Perhaps you’re obsessed with earning money, but have difficulty with relationships. Maybe you have a hard time getting passionate about anything, but you’re incredibly smart. Whatever the combination, it is important to rebalance yourself for your magick to be at its most effective.

Achieving an Elemental Balance

Finding an elemental balance isn’t as hard as is might sound. With some meditation and personal exploration, identifying imbalances should occur quite quickly. After this, rectifying them is simple enough, though it usually takes quite a bit of time and energy.

Select one elemental area of your life at a time. Don’t try to tackle too much at once, or you might become overwhelmed.Once you have selected one particular area of you life, try the following steps:
  • Be very clear about your goal. Write it down.
  • Chart your progress using a diary or journal, otherwise you won’t know when you’ve achieved your goal
  • Break down your goal into simple, attainable, steps. This will help to keep you motivated.
  • Think about what obstacles you might encounter and decide how best to remove them.
  • Evaluate the resources you already have, including friends, family, spiritual counselors, etc.
  • Set dates for progress, and keep them.
  • Look at your list of steps every day, and try to accomplish something, even if it’s only a small thing.
  • When you finally achieve your goal, have a celebration to acknowledge your achievement.
Repeat these steps for each area of your life, until you’re satisfied that you are more elementally balanced that you were previously. This balance will enhance the effectiveness of your spells and rituals. Revisit the idea of finding your balance one a year, and you will truly empower the magick within.

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