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Friday, June 15, 2012

Crystal and Gem Magick: An Introduction to Stone Magick

Crystals and gems are everywhere. They are deep within the Earth. They are high on a mountaintop. They are at the bottom of a river. Crystals and gems come in all colors – blues, reds, greens, pinks, blacks, and whites are but a few examples. These crystals and gems that are so a part of the world are also a source of great power.

The Ancient Power of Stones

The Earth is full of energy. It ebbs and flows like a river. Stones, crystals, and gems are the concentrated energy of the Earth. They absorb this energy through contact, and retain this link even if they are removed from the Earth. They are like little tiny batteries, fueled by the planet.

Crystals and gems have been used for magick since the first humans found sparkling gems and carried them for protection against the unknown. For many thousands of years, stones have been carved into sacred shapes and worshipped as religious or magickal artifacts. Crystals and gems were used to magickally enhance many things in life, from ensuring conception to protecting the dead.

The Modern Use of Crystals and Gems for Magick

In the modern world, crystals and gems are used by many people around the world to effect internal and external change. The types of stones used are many and varied. Some commonly used stones for magick are:
  • Agate – strength, bravery;
  • Alexandrite – luck, love;
  • Amber – luck, healing, protection;
  • Amethyst – dreams, psychic powers;
  • Aquamarine – psychic powers, purification;
  • Aventurine – mental powers, money;
  • Bloodstone – healing, strength;
  • Calcite – spirituality;
  • Carnelian – protection, peace;
  • Cat’s Eye – wealth, beauty;
  • Citrine – protection;
  • Diamond – spirituality;
  • Emerald – money, love;
  • Fluorite – mental powers;
  • Garnet – healing, strength;
  • Hematite – healing, divination;
  • Jade – love, healing;
  • Jasper – health, beauty;
  • Lapis lazuli – joy, love;
  • Moonstone – divination, psychic powers;
  • Opal – astral projection;
  • Ruby – wealth, power;
  • Sapphire – love, meditation;
  • Topaz – protection, healing; and
  • Quartz – protection, healing, power.
These are not the only gems used in modern crystal magick. Those who use the power of stones have learned that all stones, even the ones picked off the driveway, have power. Some stones will have to be purchased, but many others can be found on hikes through natural areas or simply walking in your own yard or through a downtown park.

Crystal and gem magick is based upon very simple ideas, much like candle magick, and it has quick and direct results. Anyone can work crystal magick, for the stones themselves bring their influences and magick with them. The magick of stones and metals is the easiest of all magicks, and so this is suitable for the novice magician, and can help to awaken the magick within.

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