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Friday, April 13, 2012

Preparing for Magick: The Witches' Pyramid

Most rituals and spells would fail dismally if the mind, will, body of energy, and physical body were not properly prepared. One of the ways in which this can be done is with the Witches’ Pyramid. There are several versions of this, but essentially, the Witches’ Pyramid has a base, four sides, and an interior. The base of the Witches’ Pyramid is knowledge; its interior is love. The four sides are:
  • imagination;
  • will;
  • faith; and
  • silence.
The Base of the Witches’ Pyramid – Knowledge

Magickal knowledge can come from so many places. It can come from books. However, books on magick and related topics must be selected carefully. Any book that promises to teach the control or manipulation of others should be discarded. Many books are full of spells and rituals, but some fail to address topics like how magick works, the ethics or hazards of magick, or the principles of magick. It's best to search for books that have detailed information on how to perform magick, and not simply a list of ingredients and steps for spells.

Knowledge can be gained from talented teachers. Look for someone who has used magick to enhance their own life and the lives of others. An ethical teacher will offer spiritual guidance, but will not dominate or control. He or she will never ask for sexual favors, but will expect their students to work hard for what they want. Most ethical teachers will not charge money for apprenticeship, but it is common to charge for public seminars or workshops. It is also not unreasonable for a teacher to expect to be compensated for materials and possibly their time.

The greatest teacher in magick is nature. There is an infinite amount of wisdom to be found on the highest mountains, the bluest oceans, and the greenest glades. For the magician who is open to receiving its message, nature can be the greatest of spiritual teachers.

The First Side of the Witches’ Pyramid – Imagination

In order to manifest something in magick, you must be able to imagine it first, to clearly visualize the end goal with clarity. You must be able to see, taste, smell, hear, and feel all the details of the intended spell or ritual. Moreover, you must be able to see all the steps necessary in completing the spell, both magickally and mundanely.

Being able to do this will require skills in the art of visualization. These can be developed in many ways. Meditation is effective, but it can be even simpler than that. Read a book, and practice visualizing every bit of what is described. Take moments from the past day and recreate them using only visualization. For the creative magician, developing the powers of the imagination presents no problem at all.

The Second Side of the Witches’ Pyramid – Will

When discussing the power of will in a magickal sense, it does not refer to desires or whims. Instead, it is the True Will, what really matters to the Higher Self. It is easier to raise power for something that you feel passionate about, and this is what True Will can identify, for it is fire, heart, and passion. Before true magick can be created, you must know what it is you truly want.

The other side of this coin is what is called the Focused Will. Once the True Will has identified the goal, and it has been visualized to its fullest extent, the Focused Will must pursue it. All of the energy that the Focused Will can muster, which is considerable, must be channeled to this one thing alone. This focus will allow true magick to happen.

The Third Side of the Witches’ Pyramid – Faith

Faith in yourself, in your magick is crucial. For the Focused Will to truly pursue a goal, there must be a foundation of belief that it is possible to work magick in the first place. This belief takes both time and experience to build. Start small, setting goals that are easily accomplished. As these things become a reality, confidence and belief will start to bloom.

The Fourth Side of the Witches’ Pyramid – Silence

The idea of silence in magick can have several meanings. Keeping silent about magickal workings does help avoid needless disbelief and even harassment from others; the true magician has no need to boast about their spells and rituals anyway. Silence, both within and without, is also necessary to become still enough to both sense and use the currents of psychic power that move around you everyday. So silence is an important part of the Witches’ Pyramid in more than one sense.

The Interior of the Witches’ Pyramid – Love

Magick that flows from love is simply more effective than that which flows from hatred. All things are connected, and love honors and cherishes these connections; hatred refuses them. Most everything in magick can be approached from a feeling of love and generosity, if you are simply willing to do so. Setting aside anger and fear is never an easy thing to do, but it will enhance the power and quality of your magicks.

These six things — knowledge, imagination, will, faith, silence, and love — comprise the Witches’ Pyramid. Master these principles and the power of the Pyramid and its qualities will answer to the magick within.

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