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Friday, April 6, 2012

Foundations of Magick: The Dangers of Magick

Magick is not any more or less dangerous than anything else in life. Though there are many dangers relating to magick, and almost all of them are located within the mind of the practitioner. It is so easy to fall into certain dangerous traits, but with a little knowledge and foresight, and an understanding of magickal ethics, these can be avoided.

The Psychological Dangers of Magick

Almost all dangers, at least those relating to magick, are psychological in nature. The most common danger comes with the realization that magick is an extremely powerful tool, one with limitless possibilities. It is not uncommon for the green magician to feel a rush of power than can lead to a sense of omnipotence. When it comes to the practice of magick, believing that you’re infallible can lead to a great many problems.

Some people are prone to paranoia, and magicians are not immune to this. Occasionally, a magician will decide that they are being spied on or even attacked by some black magician who’s out to get them; this is simply not the case. Paranoia has no place in the practice of true magick.

There are also those people who get so wrapped up in something new that they lose touch with reality. This can also happen to magicians. They become enraptured with the possibilities that magick presents, and they lose sight of the necessity of the physical world. Perhaps they even begin to deceive themselves into believing that everything they think is reality. This can be avoided by keeping in touch with the real world, not losing touch with friends and family, and continuing with the more mundane activities of life. Even the most powerful magician needs to remember to cook dinner.

Becoming dependent on magick also happens to a few practitioners. Some people just want to find a magickal solution to everything. While magick may be able to help, it isn’t always the only, or even the best, answer to every problem. This is easily avoidable by simply using magick as a compliment to mundane activities, rather than a possible substitute.

Other Dangers of Magick

The earth will not open up and swallow you whole, but there are some real dangers of magick that every potential magician should be aware of. The most common is an imbalance of energy caused by one of two things: using up too much energy, or having an excess of magickal energy circulating the body.

Using too much of one’s own personal energy reserves can easily leave one feeling drained and exhausted. This should not be an issue, because there is energy everywhere, in every blade of grass and every breath of air. Draw what is needed and ground the excess. If the excess energy from a spell or ritual is not grounded, it remains in the body, and can have some interesting effects. If you feel as if you’ve had too much coffee, you can’t fall asleep, or have an unexplainable headache after a spell or ritual, it’s likely that you have too much excess energy. This can usually be solved by meditation.

Magick, like any other activity, has its risks. However, most agree that these risks are easily minimized and controlled though the application of correct magickal ethics. One should never let the potential risks prevent them from exploring the magick within.

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