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Friday, February 3, 2012

Introduction to Magick: Starting on a Magickal Path

Magick can be an elusive thing. It can be a difficult thing to master, and sometimes fails miserably. In order for one to practice magick effectively, to explore its mysteries, one must have the proper tools. In this case, the proper tools are:
  • Timing magick effectively;
  • Having a space to practice magick; and
  • Having a purpose for magick.
Timing for Magick

Timing magick has two aspects. The first regards turning the practice of magick into a habit. Something only becomes a habit if it is done regularly. Magick should be practiced regularly, preferably at the same time each day, and hopefully with no missed days. For some, this time will be when they first awaken; for others, upon arriving home from work or school. Others may choose to perform magick spells in the moments right before bed, but do this cautiously, as magickal training may leave one too energized to sleep.

Timing also has another important influence in the practice of magick. Certain magick spells and rituals are affected by the time of day, day of the week, or phase of the moon. In this case, those magicks should be carefully scheduled. Magick to gain something, for example, is best performed during the waxing moon. Those magick which focus on banishing should take place during the waning moon.

A Space for Magickal Practice

A space is needed for magickal practice. This can be a bedroom, office, or den; it can also be outdoors. Any place that is quiet and private will suffice for magickal practice. Typically, many people will object, saying they do not have the space. To truly practice magick, a designated place to do so is absolutely required. It doesn’t have to be huge. Ideally, there will be an entire room to devote to the practice of magick, but even the corner of the living room will work.

Perhaps a corner of the garage can be cleared or, even better, an area outside can be screened off, made private, and utilized as one's true temple. However, it can be just as effective to have a chair in the corner of the kitchen. Be creative, and search out an appropriate space to perform magick.

There should be adequate space for the storage of magickal tools, incense, herbs, oils, and the many other items that practitioners collect. This can be in the form of shelves, chests, or even storage bags hung on the wall. There is no firm rule concerning storage spaces.

If there is really no space, indoors or out, that will work, consider finding a spot at the local park that is secluded. Use a backpack to carry supplies and books back and forth. The point is, there is always a way; sometimes, one must be a bit creative.

A Purpose for the Practice of Magick

Every spell and ritual should have a purpose; otherwise, they likely wouldn’t ever be performed. However, there is a greater question to ask when it comes to purpose. Why does one wish to learn and practice magick?

It is a question that each practitioner should ask him or herself. The answer is important, and will become more so if one continues to pursue a magickal path. Magick is not for revenge. It is not to be used to cause harm, or to control or manipulate anyone. It is not a Hollywood effect. For Wiccans and other practitioners, magick is very real and it's a practice that must be treated with respect.

Magick acts according to natural laws, and using it for certain purposes does eventually backfire. However, for those who wish to use magick to made decisions, find strength, protect themselves and others, and help create a better world, than a magickal path might just be the right path.

There are many things to do when first starting on a magickal path and choosing to study magickal theory. Magickal names are to be considered, tools are to be collected, and decisions regarding how and when one will practice magick must be made.

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