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Friday, February 24, 2012

Foundations of Magick: A Magickal Connection

To really work true magick, a practitioner must form a connection between the three aspects of self – the conscious self, the subconscious self, and the Higher Self. Forging this magickal connection and discovering the magick within takes patience and discipline.

Creating the Connection Between the Conscious Self and the Subconscious Self

For the most part, the subconscious self is ignored by the conscious self. There are different reasons for this. Many people are uncomfortable wit the idea of this more sensual or emotional self. Some feel that the subconscious self is simply too childish to be bothered with. Either attitude can interfere with the process of forging a connection between the subconscious and conscious minds.

Reconnecting with the subconscious self is an incredibly simple process. It's believed that one need only be open to what the subconscious has to say. Listen to it, talk to it, and pay attention to what it has to offer. Remember that the subconscious is very like a small child or an animal. After being neglected for so long, it will not trust easily. The subconscious must be courted, gentled, and taught to trust. This takes time and patience.

A good method for building a relationship with the subconscious self is to use meditation. While in a meditative state, ask the subconscious self to reveal itself in the form of an animal. It may still be shy, and may not appear, and if it does, it may not be in its true animal form. If the animal spirit runs or hides, then it is not yet ready to reveal itself. With patience, the subconscious self will reveal its true animal form, and when it does, valuable insights can be gained into its personality.

There are other things that can be done to strengthen the bond with the subconscious self. This element of the mind is usually sensual, playful, and child-like, and thus, it will typically respond when these aspects of the self are explored and indulged. In time, the sensuality, spontaneity, and energy of the subconscious self will be added to the maturity, thoughtfulness, and intelligence of the conscious self.

Forging a Link Between the Subconscious Self and the Higher Self

The subconscious self has spent a great amount of time storing up old memories and emotions. Not all of these are positive. The negative memories and emotions are a block to any sort of connection to the Higher Self. Overcoming this is not always easy.

The negative emotions and memories must be identified and truly released. This can be done through meditation, hypnosis and divination, perhaps with the use of different tools, such as the Tarot. Some practitioners also find that simply discussing these things with a trusted friend helps to release them. Still others decide that professional therapy may be of assistance. Everyone will find different ways of doing this.

The idea here is to find balance that might have been lost. This means not just identifying the negative emotions that are blocking access to the Higher Self, but mending them. This is probably the most difficult part of connecting the subconscious self to the Higher Self. One a mundane level, this might mean making amends for some harm that you have done others, or offering forgiveness to those who have caused harm to you.

In a more magickal sense, this process might involve spiritual cleansing. Ritual baths, self blessings, aura cleansings, and smudging are just some ideas on how this might be accomplished. Over time, and with patience, the negative emotions and memories can be cleared, if not totally forgotten. Once this has happened, there can be a free exchange of energy between the subconscious self and the Higher Self.

Clearing a Path From the Conscious Self to the Higher Self

Once the Higher Self and the subconscious self are ready and able to communicate effectively, there is only one last path of communication left that must be established — the conscious self to the Higher Self. If this pathway can be forged, the Higher Self will shower the conscious self with wisdom, love, and power.

The one real block in establishing this communication is the conscious self. If it (and you) cannot be made to accept that all the gifts that flow from the Higher Self are both well-deserved and highly possible, then the path will remain blocked. It can be opened by a sense of faith and belief that the Higher Self exists and that anything is possible. But just as important is a high-regard for oneself. Not ego, but a healthy respect.

The Higher Self is much wiser than the conscious mind. When it comes to the working of magick, it will grant that which is asked for in its own way. Sometimes, this will be subtle, almost unnoticeable.

To fully explore the intricacies of magick, one has to be open to the messages that the Higher Self will reveal. This requires a level of awareness that can only be developed over time, and only by those who are determined to do so.

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