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Friday, February 17, 2012

Foundations of Magick: The Magick Within

One of the greatest secrets of magick is the way in which the three aspects of the self — the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the Higher Self — connect, communicate, and cooperate to facilitate the practice of magick.

The Conscious Mind and its Place in Magick

It's believed that the conscious mind is where much of the personality and rational thought reside. It is the waking self, the part that reasons and functions in the mundane world. The conscious mind thinks, decides, and judges. It is the embodiment of mind and will; it may recognize some emotions, but it is not the source of the deepest feelings. Though this part of the self controls conscious movement, it has little direct control over the more subconscious actions of the body – breathing, circulation, the nervous system, etc.

Many people tend to act as if the conscious mind is all that there is. These people sail blissfully through life, unaware of just how dependent they are upon what they cannot readily observe.

The Subconscious Mind and Its Place in Magick

The subconscious mind is mostly ignored by the conscious mind, and yet it can be a powerful ally. The subconscious mind controls memory, sensation, and emotion. Everything that is felt, remembered, or physically experienced comes from the subconscious mind. It is the part of the self that is involved in love and sex, or anytime heightened emotions come into play. The subconscious mind also controls the involuntary responses of the body, such as breathing and circulation.

The subconscious can channel a great deal of psychic energy, but in order to use this energy effectively, it usually requires the guidance of the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is childlike, reacting based on instinct and intuition, and searching for immediate gratification. Though powerful, the subconscious mind requires the rational thought of the conscious mind to be useful.

The Higher Self and Its Place in Magick

The Higher Self is the part of the self that connects to the divine, the spiritual self. It is the deepest level of consciousness, the source of wisdom and compassion. This is the part of the self that can harness the divine powers of creation and transformation, allowing the working of greater magicks.

The Higher Self cannot, however, connect directly to the conscious mind, for the conscious mind is not fully aware of the spiritual self. The Higher Self requires a bridge to communicate with the conscious mind. This bridge is one part of the self that can communicate effectively with both the Higher Self and the conscious mind – the subconscious mind.

How the Conscious Mind, the Higher Self, and the Subconscious Mind Work Together

In order to work magick effectively, the three aspects of the self must learn to work together in harmony. Many potential magicians fail in their quest to work magick because they attempt to connect to the Higher Self directly, bypassing the subconscious mind. Others think that they can ignore the Higher Self completely, working magick with the power of the intellect alone. Both ideas are doomed to failure.

True magick, magick that will work and work reliably, has a specific pattern. First, the conscious mind must decide on plan and purpose for magick. This should be well thought out, and adhere to the principles of magick. The conscious mind must then communicate this intent to the subconscious mind. This triggers an emotional response, and begins to raise the power necessary to effectively work magick.

This power is channeled by the subconscious mind to the Higher Self. This power also brings with it the will of the conscious mind. For this process to work, there must be a free flow of trust, love, communication, and power.

Creating and sustaining a relationship between all three aspects of self is not an easy task to manage. How quickly a magickal connection occurs depends entirely on the discipline and desire of the practitioner.

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