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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Philosophy of Wicca

Wicca is a beautiful religion full of love and joy. In its purest form, Wicca lacks the idea of original sin, and the very notion of happiness and salvation being possible only in the afterlife is anathema. The music of Wicca is joyous, expressing love and companionship. This love and joy comes primarily from Wicca’s close link with nature, a link which is reminiscent of what the people of ancient times experienced.

Nature and Ancient Man in Europe

Ancient people lived in harmony with the land. Out of necessity, they were a part of nature, not separate from it. They took only what they needed, and gave what they could. The respected both plants and animals. The natural order of things included ancient man, and they knew this.

This is not to say that the ancients were vegetarians, for they did indeed kill to eat. However, they had an innate respect for what they killed, they used as much of the animal as possible, and they didn’t kill more than they needed. The animal was honored for its sacrifice, not simply killed and consumed. Ancient man had a powerful and unique link with nature.

Wicca and Its Link With Nature

Most modern men and women have lost this link with nature, mostly because they are no longer directly dependent upon nature for their survival. Food is purchased at supermarkets, shelter is obtained though the purchasing of a house or the renting of an apartment, and clothing can be found at the nearest department store. Modern man doesn’t always realize how necessary nature is to everyday survival.

Wiccans see nature in a different light. Even in a world full of technology and mechanics, Wiccans find a connection to nature. A Wiccan understands that everything is alive and connected. A Wiccan might take a walk through the woods and stop to touch a delicate flower or hug a tree, knowing that in some way, this love and joy is transmitted and understood, and that it will be reciprocated.

Creating Your Own Link With Nature

If you wish to experience this link for yourself, take a walk through a wooded area. Find a large tree, preferably oak or pine, and sit with your back pressed firmly against the trunk. Close your eyes, relax your body, and open your mind. Gradually, you will feel exhaustion, anger, and tension disappear as it is absorbed into the tree and dispersed into the earth. Allow yourself to absorb a sense of comfort and stability from the tree. When you feel ready, thank the tree and continue on your way.

A simpler approach is to take the time to appreciate nature as it exists all around you. Acknowledge the trees, the plants, and the animals that share your environment. If you can, go barefoot through the grass, making contact with the earth below your feet. Respect nature and all it represents. This also means caring for nature, as nature cares for you.

People are a part of nature, whether they acknowledge this consciously or not. Connect with people, be among people, and offer assistance when you can. But do not seek to rule another’s life; let them live their own life. And you should live as you will, but with harm to none, as the Wiccan Rede specifies.

Wicca is a religion full of magick and love, as is reflected in its rituals. Its philosophy is no complex than the deep and abiding respect for nature that this religion engenders, and this respect is revealed by the care most Wiccans show all that exists in the natural world.

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