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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Preparing for Magick: How to Cleanse the Body's Energy Field

The energy that surrounds and permeates the body is comprised of the aura and the chakras. To perform magick correctly, this energy field must be strong, clear, and clean, and free of all contamination. Sometimes, it is necessary to understand where this contamination comes from before the energy field can be cleansed.

How Does the Body’s Energy Field Become Contaminated or Weak?

Some of the problems that occur in relation to the weakening of the body’s energy field are fairly common. A poor diet or lack of exercise can lead to a weak aura and dim chakras; this can be correct with good food and a healthy amount of exercise. Illness and injury can cause a temporary weakening of the energy field, but this can be easily repaired by taking the time to get well.

The use of hard drugs, including hallucinogens and even many prescription drugs, can leave the aura full of holes, and the chakras may be too weak to aid in repair. In this case, it is best to discontinue the use of these drugs (except in the case of prescription drugs), and allow time for the body’s energy field to self-repair. Other things can have the same effect depending on the person. For some people, alcohol may damage the aura. For many, it’s allergies. Whatever the cause, it should be healed before true magick is performed.

Sometimes, the aura or the chakras will be drained by another person. This is usually not done consciously. Some people are what can be termed "energy vampires;" they continually drain energy, and some don’t even realize that they’re doing so. Often, these people can be easily identified. If someone makes you feel drained and weak, maybe even depressed, after a visit, they’re likely an energy vampire. Since this is done subconsciously, the only true and permanent solution is to avoid these people.

Some of these energy vampires do more than just drain a little energy. Occasionally, you’ll have someone who attaches themselves to a particular chakra. This is usually someone you know very well, and they almost never do this on purpose. It might be an ex-lover, one who has attached himself to your heart chakra. Maybe an adult child refuses to be separated from the mother, linking too strongly to the root chakra. These are not healthy connections.

There are, of course, connections that you will want. You’ll want a spouse to be connected to the heart and sacral chakras, for example. A young child should certainly be connected to a mother’s root chakra. A student might connect to a teacher’s throat or third eye chakra. These are all healthy and welcome connections. When they are not, they must be cleansed.

Cleansing and Balancing the Chakras

All magicians should keep their energy fields clean and bright. This can be done by examining the individual chakras and clearing them of both negative influences and any unwelcome connections. This can be done with a simple meditation and visualization exercise.

A simple method for cleansing and balancing the chakras is to visualize each chakra as a ball of colored light. The colors associated with each chakra are as follows:
  • Crown chakra – purple
  • Third eye chakra – dark blue
  • Throat chakra – light blue
  • Heart chakra – green or pink
  • Solar plexus chakra – yellow
  • Sacral chakra – orange
  • Root chakra – red
Each chakra, one at a time, should be visualized as a ball of colored light. This ball should be examined, even spun if necessary, in order to ensure that they are clean of all contamination. If you do notice that they are murky or dim, then they must be cleansed. This is quite a simple process.

At your feet, visualize a hole opening up in the earth. This hole can look like anything, as long as it leads deep inside the earth. Once this hole is firmly established, refocus on the chakra that needs cleansing. See it, feel it, know that this chakra is real. Then, slowly begin spinning the chakra in place. As it spins, see all the contamination, all that makes the chakra weak, slowly begin to fall into the hole. Allow it to be absorbed by the earth.

When the chakra is clear and bright again, allow the chakra to stop its spinning and return to a normal state of being. Close the hole, but don’t worry about the negative energy that went into the earth; it will be absorbed and transmuted into positive energy. Repeat this process with any other chakra that needs cleansing.
There are other methods of clearing and rebalancing the chakras, and any of them are appropriate for use. The method isn’t as important as the end result. Remember to check often to ensure that your chakras are still functioning properly. Bright and clear chakras lead to bright and clear auras, and make grounding and centering much easier.

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