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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Introduction to Magick: Choosing a Magickal Name

When one practices magick, and especially during ritual magick or casting a circle, one effectively takes on a new persona. Some magickal practitioners, though certainly not all, choose to recognize this ‘alter ego’ by taking on a new name, a name that is only used during magick, or among other magickal practitioners. This name is often called a magickal name.

Should You Choose a Magickal Name?

The decision to take a magickal name is intensely personal. Assuming a new name is a message to the Higher Self that a new facet of the personality has been embraced. Eventually, being called by this magickal name will assist the Higher Self to shift into a higher state of consciousness, thereby making it possible to work magick with greater ease.

Many magickal practitioners choose not to take a magickal name. They feel that it is not a good idea to make a distinction between their magickal selves and their mundane selves. The theory is that emphasizing this difference makes it more difficult for them to incorporate magick into their daily lives.

Each practitioner must decide for themselves if a magickal name is appropriate for them. Either choice is to be accepted and respected.

How to Select a Name for Magickal Practice

There are many different theories on how to select a magickal name. Some feel that a name should be chosen that reflects the Higher Self, its nature, and the qualities it embodies. Other will insist that a magickal name should be selected that describes the qualities one wishes to develop. The truth is, either method is appropriate

Most practitioners will use a combination of meditation, divination, and a great deal of research to choose a name. There are many possibilities when it comes to sources for magickal names. Some of these are:
Ancient mythology
  • Herbs and flowers
  • Animals
  • Sounds
  • Elements of nature
  • Fantasy or science fiction novels
  • Foreign languages
  • Acronyms
  • Star charts
  • Magickal Symbols
  • Other people and places
The source of a magickal name is not nearly as important as the feelings it generates.

Magickal names should be filled with power and magick. Don’t be afraid to try different names until one truly fits. However, it can take some time to really connect to a name. Don’t toss one aside too hastily, for fear of discarding one that might truly be perfect, especially when first starting out on a magickal path.

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