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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Tools of the Craft

Most religions have certain objects which are used for ritual purposes, and Wicca is no exception to this. The purpose of these tools varies greatly, depending on the religion. They could be used to invoke the divine, banish negativity, or to direct energies. In Wicca, all of these reasons exist, and a few others.

Wiccan Tools in Popular Mythology

Many of the tools of Wicca have entrenched themselves into the myths surrounding “Witches.” For example, the broom and cauldron are almost always associated with practitioners of the Craft. Almost everyone has seen some movie, television show, or Halloween poster that depicts a Witch flying across the moon on a broom, or using a cauldron to brew a potion, or even using a magick wand to change the form of someone who maybe was just a little irritating.

While most of these images are certainly an exaggeration, most people do not realize is the powerful magick behind these tools and their symbolism. The broom, for example, is an important symbol in Wiccan practice, used for cleansing the purifying sacred spaces, to sweep out negative energy. It was never used for actual flying, but it has an important purpose, nonetheless.

Finding Your Wiccan Tools

Obtaining these tools can be fairly simple, or an incredibly complex process. Some practitioners find their tools in nature, such as a tree branch which would serve well as a wand, or a sea shell that looks as if it would make a good chalice. Others choose to make them, using whatever materials are available at the time. Still others decide that purchasing their necessary tools is the best route.

In truth, there is no right or wrong answer here. Found, made, or bought, as long as the tool serves its purpose, and the practitioner is comfortable with it and its use, then it is the right tool.

Wiccan Tools – Necessary or Not?

Tools may not be necessary to the practice of Wicca, but they certainly serve to enrich its practice with their symbolism of the complex energies that may be worked with. While the tools themselves have no power but that which is given to them, their benefit to practitioners can be extraordinary. They can serve to focus thoughts, and often act as a “switch” telling the brain that now is the time to work magick or express spirituality.

Some practitioners would say that tools should not be used at all. Others say they should only be used as long as the practitioner is comfortable. It might be more accurate to say they should be used as long as a particular practitioner may wish, as long as he or she might feel comfortable.

Types of Wiccan Tools

The list of tools that might be used is extensive, and impossible to cover in the scope of a single article. However, some popular tools might include:
  • Wand
  • Cauldron
  • Athame
  • Chalice
  • Pentacle
  • Broom
These are only some of the most common of Wiccan tools. Tools should be cleansed and consecrated before use, but it is not the intent of this article to cover such things, nor is it possible to explain each tool individually here. It is enough to say that each tool has its own use and purpose, and that each should be studied independently of each other.

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