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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wiccan Magick Explored: The Essence of Magick

Truly understanding the nature of magick requires that it be practiced to some extent. It is simply one of those odd things in life that cannot be readily explained to another, but must instead be experienced. However, there are some rules that apply when practicing magick, and some ethics that are involved in the practice of Wiccan magick.

How Magick Works

To some, magick appears illogical, as if there are no rules, no way to predict what will occur. This is not the case. Magick does indeed have its own laws and rules, rules which can be predicted and understood, much in the way of physical laws. These laws can help us understand how magick works, and what its limitations really are. Any decent course or book discussing the details of magick will include at least some of these laws.

Some of these laws would seem natural and intuitive to a Wiccan, such as the law that states that everything is linked, either directly or indirectly, since in Wiccan cosmology, that is exactly the case. However, it is important to understand these laws independent of Wiccan theology and cosmology, since regardless of whether or not one is Wiccan, magick operates in essentially the same way.

Magick in Wicca

Fortunately for the practitioner, it is not necessary to understand exactly how magick works. Rather, it is better to understand how to make it work, and this is an infinitely easier task. And remember that there are just as many ways to practice magick as there are practitioners. They range from the simple, such as the use of a crystal for protection, to the elaborate, like the performing of complex rituals and ceremonies.

Most Wiccans do both, using the simple, natural magicks for everyday needs, and employing the use of rituals during those times when it seems necessary, or at certain points of the year, such as the solar festivals or lunar rites.

There are, quite literally, thousands of different magickal systems. Even Wiccans do not have one single system. And sometimes, these systems are combined to create even more systems. Some of these systems use props and other items to accomplish this goal, but props are not absolutely necessary to successful magick. In fact, simply copying the motions and words of a ritual will not result in success. It is necessary to truly connect with the essence of a ritual or spell in order to make it work.

Magick is a positive practice in Wicca. It is not used to destroy, manipulate, or exploit others. While anyone can practice magick, in a religious context or not, Wiccans are careful not to abuse what is viewed as a gift from the divine. Magickal ethics are a powerful part of Wiccan magick.

When practicing magick in Wicca, it is more than acceptable to use spells or rituals best suited to the practitioner and the situation, even if they have to be created from scratch. It is also possible to use those rituals and spells created by others as well, but sometimes it can be difficult to find one suited to a particular situation. Wicca is a fluid tradition, and that extends to its magick, so the creation of new magicks is encouraged.

Ultimately, some type of power, whether it be personal, earth, or divine power, must be focused and released toward a goal for magick to be successful. Sometimes this can sound complex, but it's really quite simple. The only reason magick is not more widely performed is that most people lack the discipline to focus their will upon one true goal. This is the ‘secret’ to magick.

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