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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Using Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are a series of natural remedies derived from flower essences. They treat a variety of emotional and spiritual difficulties, and are surprisingly easy to use.

The Meaning and Classification of Bach’s Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies have the ability to bring emotions into balance, but often the question becomes: "Which remedy do I use?" Hopefully, the following presentation will assist in answering that question.

The 38 remedies are divided into seven traditional groups, based upon what emotional difficulties are treated. These groups are: fear, uncertainty, insufficient interest in present circumstances, loneliness, oversensitivity to influences and ideas, despair, and over-care for the welfare of others. The Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of five remedies, is not considered to be in any of these groups, and so is covered separately.

Within each group, the individual remedies have very different effects. With that in mind, it is very important to first determine which emotional difficulty, or difficulties, are present before beginning treatment.

The group that treats fear contains five remedies:
  • mimulus — fear of unknown things/shyness
  • rock rose — terror/panic
  • cherry plum — fear of the mind giving away
  • aspen — fear and worries of an unknown origin
  • red chestnut — over-concern for others
The group that treats uncertainty contains six remedies:
  • cerato — seeks too much advice and confirmation from others
  • sclerathus — indecision
  • gentian — discouragement/despondency with a known reason
  • gorse — hopelessness/giving up
  • hornbeam — that “Monday morning” feeling
  • wild oat — uncertainty as to the correct path in life
The group that treats insufficient interest in present circumstances contains seven remedies:
  • clematis — dreaminess, lack of interest in the present
  • honeysuckle — living in the past
  • wild rose — resignation/apathy
  • olive — lack of vital energy
  • white chestnut — unwanted thoughts/mental arguments
  • chestnut bud — failure to learn from past mistakes
  • mustard — sadness with no origin
The group that treats loneliness contains three remedies:
  • water violet — proud/aloof
  • impatiens — impatience
  • heather — self-centredness/self-concern
The group that treats oversensitivity to influences and ideas contains four remedies:
  • agrimony — mental torment behind a cheerful face
  • centaury — weak-willed and subservient
  • walnut — protection from change and outside influences (past and present)
  • holly — hatred/envy/jealousy
The group that treats despair contains eight remedies:
  • larch — lack of confidence
  • pine — self-guilt
  • elm — overwhelmed by responsibility
  • sweet chestnut — extreme mental anguish
  • Star of Bethlehem — experiencing mental/emotional shock
  • willow — resentment
  • oak — exhausted by struggles
  • crab apple — self-hatred/sense of uncleanliness
The group that treats over-care for the welfare of others contains five remedies:
  • chicory — selfishly possessive
  • vervain — over-enthusiasm
  • vine — domineering/inflexible
  • beech — intolerance
  • rock water — self-repression/self-denial
Bach’s Rescue Remedy is probably the most famous of all the remedies. In fact, it’s not a remedy at all, but a combination of five different remedies: cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose, and Star of Bethlehem. This combination helps to deal with any emergency or stressful situation. It is good for students taking an exam, public speaking, or before a job interview, among many other uses.

In a true emergency, the Rescue Remedy can be taken straight from the bottle, four drops at a time, as needed. However, it is better to place the four drops in a glass of clear, natural water, and to sip as required.

Proper Application and Dosage of Bach Flower Remedies

Before applying Bach Flower Remedies, first there must be a clear identification of which remedy is required. This is done by deciding which feelings and emotions need treatment. Up to six remedies may be used at once, counting the Rescue Remedy as one remedy.

Regardless of the remedies chosen, the procedure for preparing the remedies will be the same. For occasional use, place two drops of each remedy in a glass of clear, non-gasified natural water. The exception to this is the Rescue Remedy, of which four drops should be added. This solution should be taken up to four times per day, as needed.

For chronic conditions, place two drops of each remedy (or four drops in the case of the Rescue Remedy) into a dark glass 30ml bottle with non-gasified natural water. Take four drops of this solution four times daily. Take this until a relief of the emotional stress is reached. Depending on the seriousness of the condition, this could take several weeks.

Understanding and using Bach’s Flower Remedies is simple and empowering. They give a method to controlling emotional stress, and they are readily available at most health food stores, and many local drug stores. In short, they allow the general public to get a sense of controlling their own emotions.

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