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Friday, October 25, 2013

Touching Auras: The Aura of a Baby

After being asked to explain and describe a baby's aura and how to influence it more times than I can remember, I've decided to write it down and make it available through Amazon and other retailers. It's a short e-book, only 5000 words, and is based on my own experiences with my two young children.

Babies, like adults, have auras. It might be harder to see, but it is there. Parents and caregivers can learn to use their own auras to influence the auras of newborns and infants. Children can be calmed, encouraged, and even taught life lessons through the interactions of auras.

Also covered here are basic lessons on how to see and interpret the aura. Though it is not necessary to be able to see the aura of your child to influence it, seeing the telltale glow of your baby's aura can be satisfying. You can learn how to do this with Touching Auras: The Aura of a Baby.

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