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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Faery Lineage and Irish Mythology — The Heroic Faery

In the centuries before the Middle Ages, the Daoine Sidhe began to dwindle and diminish. As this happened, they changed form once again. In time, they became the Heroic Faeries of myth and legend.

The Heroic Faery and the Fenian Heroes

Though they existed during different era, from a mythological standpoint, the Heroic Faeries had much in common with the legendary Fenian Heroes. They both were a form of diminished or fallen gods, descendants of the Tuatha De Danann. Cut lose from what they once were, they became closer to humans than their predecessors ever were. Sometimes, they even became close enough to mate, resulting in human children with faery gifts.

However, there were some key differences between the Fenian Heroes and the Heroic Faery. The Fenian Heroes were true warriors, ready to die for kind and country. The Heroic Faery, on the other hand, could be more accurately describes as aristocrats. They were more likely to spend the day hunting or riding than defending the kingdom, much like the human nobles of the era. They were lovers of the arts, prone to spending the evening indulging in music and dance. The Heroic Faery was a reflection of the nobles of the time, while the Fenian Heroes were the reflection of the warriors of the past.

The Heroic Faery and the Medieval Fairy

By the 11th and 12th centuries, the Heroic Faery had developed to include characters who were fine warriors and champions of the people, as well as patrons of the arts and lovers of cultures. As human culture evolved, so did the Heroic Faery, and the line between warrior and poet began to disappear. It is at this point in time where the Faery Lineage begins to converge.

The Medieval Fairy, a descendant of the Fenian Heroes, had grown to encompass newer legends, such as that of Avalon. However, the characters, while well-versed in the arts of magick, lacked the feel of nobility and aristocracy that the Heroic Faery possessed. The two lines merged, for a time, before they both began to diminish further, changing form once more.

With the passage of time and the changing of the people, the faery changed as well. They slowly dwindled, becoming the Diminutive Fairy.

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