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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Basics of Pagan Sex Magick

Sex has incredible power, both in Paganism and life in general. Sexual release can be a very potent catalyst for spells and rituals. The act of controlling this release can raise powerful energy that can be sent toward a specific goal. This is where sex becomes sacred sex.

Though the true study of sex magick can take years, even a lifetime, the very basics can be mastered with a little practice. All it takes is a willing partner and the desire to experiment with combining magick and sex.

Preparing for Sex Magick

Speak to your partner and decide on a precise goal for the spell. It is very important for you both to be in complete agreement. Not only is it polite to discuss the spell with your partner, but it gives the spell more power and focus.

Decide on a symbol to represent your goal. It can be simple or elaborate, colored or black and white, a symbol universally accepted to mean a certain thing or something you’ve created yourself. With your partner, make at least five copies of this symbol; more is better. Don’t use a photocopier. Take the time to place as much of your own personal energy into the symbol as possible.

You and your partner should spend several nights meditating over the symbol you have created. Do this together, linking your chosen symbol to the deepest parts of your subconscious mind. Discuss your thoughts and feelings with your partner. It is essential that your vision of the spell and its intent match your partner’s vision. This may take some time, so be prepared to work on this for several days.

Place your symbols in various spots around the room where you will engage in sacred sex. Take some time to consider the space. You’ll want to ensure that a symbol will always be within easy view. Place symbols on the ceiling, walls, headboard, or anywhere you like. Remember that you’ll probably change positions during your spell, so you may need to make additional copies of your symbol.

Engaging in Sacred Sex

Immediately before you begin your sex magick, refocus your mind on your goal and the symbol you’ve chosen to represent that goal. Then let it go. Don’t consciously try to focus on your spell while you have sex. It is incredibly difficult to experience good sex while focusing on something else, though some advanced tantric masters can do so. Tantra could be described as controlled sacred sex. However, unless you’re a tantric master, just enjoy yourself.

If both you and your partner have properly prepared yourselves, your subconscious minds will already know what to do. The symbols placed around the room will serve as a key to your inner self. As you approach release, gaze at one of these symbols. As both you and your partner achieve sexual release, the energy you have raised will be channelled by your subconscious and begin to move toward your goal.

Sex magick is a fun and vibrant way to cast a spell. However, it is important that you observe magickal ethics at all times. If you do this, you can use sacred sex as a powerful source of energy.

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