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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Sabbat of Ostara — The Magick of Eostre's Eggs

Eggs are a powerful symbol of spring and the decorating of eggs is common throughout the world. For Wiccans and Pagans, however, this is often more than just a craft. Eggs can be used as charms, simply by using colors and symbols to imbue the egg with your intent.

Colors for Ostara Eggs

The color you use to decorate your Ostara eggs can have an effect on what the eggs can be used for. Though traditional colors include pink, blue, green, and yellow, other colors should not be ignored. Some colors that might be used are:
  • Pink — one of the most popular Ostara colors, pink is used for household peace and romantic love;
  • Red — the color or blood and linked to life, death, and rebirth, red can be used for charms involving desire, lust, sexuality, courage, and strength;
  • Orange — a solar color, orange can be used in spells involving attraction, friendship, drive, and willpower;
  • Yellow — yellow is the color of the sun and egg yolks, and represents creativity, intellect, communication, and the power of the mind;
  • Green — this color represents abundance, fertility, prosperity, and personal appearance, but it can also be used to induce calm or encourage love;
  • Blue — blue is the color of peace, healing, fidelity, unity, sleep, dreams, and astral projection;
  • Purple — a powerful color in many parts of the world, purple represents spirituality, metaphysical mysteries, past lives, communication with higher beings, and the divine;
  • White — used for healing and purification, white is an all-purpose color that can be substituted when you’re unsure of what color will work best; and
  • Black — though not a common Ostara color, black can be used in spells to absorb and dispel negative influences.
Symbols for Ostara Eggs
There are many different symbols that could be used to decorate your Ostara eggs. Anything that rings true for you will work well. However, runes are easy to draw and very popular. You could use runes that represent wealth, protection, strength, or wisdom. Or, anything else you can think of. There are many rune systems available on the internet, so do your research and pick a rune that represents your intent.
Though Eostre’s eggs can be used for simple decoration, they can also be utilized in the casting of spells and rituals surrounding the Spring Equinox. Egg spells are simple and numerous, but you can make egg talismans as well. They also make a fun craft for children and are an exciting way to teach youngsters about the magick of spring.

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