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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Faery Lineage and Irish Mythology — The Fenian Heroes

The noblest warriors of the Tuatha De Danann joined forces with the honorable fiana, the greatest fighting force of ancient Ireland. They retained some of their magick and power, and greatly enhanced the respected group, contributing their sorcery and their wisdom. Those De Danann who chose to join the fiana became known as the Fenian Heroes. The remainder became the Daoine Sidhe.

The Fenian Heroes and Finn mac Cumaill

The fiana (Irish war bands) were led by Finn mac Cumaill. He was the last and greatest leader of the fiana, and the son of Cumhal mac Baiscne. Cumhal was also head of the fiana in his time, but was killed by the sons of Morna, who wanted to assume his leadership. Finn’s mother was Muirne, the granddaughter of Nuada of the Silver Hand and Ethlinn. Ethlinn was the mother of Lugh of the Long Hand. Both Nuada and Ethlinn were powerful members of the Tuatha De Danann, so Finn himself was of the Faery, and somewhat god-like in stature.

As a child, Finn was sent away in secret. As he grew, he was trained in poetry, weaponry, and magick. At one point during his training, he accidentally drank a mouthful of water from the Well of the Moon and gained the power of prophecy. This power, combined with the Sidhe blood running through his veins, is one of the many reasons the Tuatha De Danann were said to willingly follow him, even though it meant diminishing themselves.

What Became of the Fenian Heroes?

When old age finally killed Finn mac Cumaill, his fiana fell apart. When this happened, the Tuatha De Danann who had become the Fenian Heroes drifted away, searching for a just and honourable High King to serve in battle once more. Some Irish legends indicate that they never found what they were looking for. Others suggest that perhaps they traveled to Britain and followed the legendary King Arthur.

Regardless, the Fenian Heroes diminished in stature and power, but the Faery Lineage of Ireland did not end with the Fenian Heroes. They survived into medieval times as the Medieval Fairy, beginning to spread to the rest of Europe, and would one day lead to the modern vision of tiny little fairies with gossamer wings.

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