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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Wheel of the Year: How to Celebrate Ostara

The Spring Equinox is a powerful time of the year for many of the Wiccan faith. Though an Ostara ritual is probably the most common way to mark this occasion, there are many other ways to celebrate the Vernal Equinox.

Decorating and Crafting for the Spring Equinox

Since Ostara falls so near to Easter, and its symbols are similar, you can usually find suitable decorations quite easily. The lore of Ostara speaks of fertility, resurrection, and love. It is also said to be a good time of year to tackle new projects. So decorations associated with new beginnings are the most appropriate.

Look for items in the colors commonly associated with fertility and birth, such as pastel blue, green, or pink. Silver is also a good color for the Vernal Equinox. These same colors can be used to decorate your home and temple, or simply purchase candles and flowers in these colors. Scatter them around your space and you’ll have a festive ambiance.

Eggs are a powerful symbol of fertility. They also make a wonderful spring craft and can also be used for decorating. Dye and decorate hard-boiled eggs. If you want your eggs to last for several years, poke a small hole in both ends of a raw egg. Rinse well and decorate. Be sure to store these carefully so they do not break.

Masks can be fun to make. Consider the season and choose a theme based on spring or fertility. Try making fairy or leprechaun masks. You can also create animal masks, such as chicks or rabbits. These masks can be worn or simply used to decorate the ritual space.

Making Merry at the Vernal Equinox

Some Wiccan groups select a Spring Queen and Spring King for the Sabbat of Ostara. These people preside over the celebration, holding a place of honor. They may be elected or selected at random. After the celebration, the Spring Queen takes home all flowers used in decorating the ritual area.

Bless baskets of spring treats during ritual. Choose decorated eggs, chocolate bunnies, or any other treat you like. Distribute these filled baskets to friends and family.

You can also make special divination eggs. Take hard-boiled eggs and draw mystical symbols on them with a white crayon. Use runes, ogham, or even alchemical sighs. Place these eggs in a basket and allow your friends and family to choose one at random. Place these in a natural dye to reveal the symbols; then, help each other to interpret the messages revealed. Alternatively, you can use eggs for egg spells.

Consider building an Ostara fire. Collect three pieces of nine different woods, if possible. Dance wildly around this fire, either skyclad (nude) or robed, celebrating the pure love of the Vernal Equinox. You could also organize a trip to the beach, if it's warm enough. This is the perfect spot for some beach magick.

Mundane Actions to Celebrate the Sabbat of Ostara

The Spring Equinox is a time of new beginnings. Launching new projects or committing to those things that can be completed in the fall are both appropriate actions for Ostara.

Start your seasonal garden, planting those crops that can be harvested in the fall. If it’s too cold in your region to plant outdoors, start your crops inside, transplanting them when the conditions are right.

There are many creative ways to celebrate Ostara. This is a period of whimsy, a time to cast off the inhibitions of winter. Any activity that embodies these qualities is perfect for the Vernal Equinox.

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