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Friday, February 4, 2011

Celebrating Imbolc

Well, Imbolc has passed now and warmth is slowly returning to the earth in the Northern Hemisphere. Our celebration was low-key this year, just a few close friends and family. Still, we managed to enjoy ourselves.

We started the day by lighting white candles to encourage the arrival of spring. The time of repose had officially ended, so we made plans for what we would like to initiate this year. Then it was time to begin preparation of our Imbolc meal. We went very untraditional this year. Homemade pizza, salad, and pasta, along with a vegetable tray, served as our feast. Before eating, we said a prayer to Bridget, the goddess of creativity and inspiration, asking for her blessings and guidance during this season.

Our form of divination this year was fire scrying. It seemed particularly appropriate, given the theme of this Sabbat. We also spent time in meditation.

We had two people to initiate this year, and they both were ready and willing. As Imbolc is a good time to for initiations, we performed their rituals before we began our Imbolc ceremony.

Finally, it came time to don our robes for the Imbolc ritual. There were eight of us this year, four in white, four in red, representing the innocence of the Bride and the blood of life. The ritual area was decorated in shades of red, white, and silver, and was lit entirely by candles.

The ritual itself was simple, yet powerful. We all left the Circle feeling refreshed, energized, and excited for the season to come.

The Wheel of the Year turns, the cycle moves forward, and Ostara approaches.

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